• Starts 9 September 2019

    12-week course. This course only runs once a year, starting in September.

  • Private Facebook group

    There is no individual feedback on images for this course, but you are welcome to join the private Facebook group for questions and discussion.

  • Intermediate level course

    Move off your beginner's plateau and start to shoot confidently.

Stop taking snapshots

Start taking eyecatching images

This 12-week online course breaks down intermediate and advanced photographic composition principles into easy to understand concepts. It gives you practical, actionable advice that you can start using today, to move your photography from basic to impressive.

The course runs from Monday 9 September for 12 weeks. You will have access to the lessons after this for as long as Emma is in business (at least 1 year after the course finishes).

What do people say?

  • Karen Brickley

    "I learned a lot from this well paced course. The principles of composition are broken down and clearly explained with lots of examples, designed to be thought provoking and encourage engagement from the participants. I have come away with a toolkit of ideas to apply when composing shots and can't wait to try them out. Thanks Emma."

  • Caroline Morten

    "I have done A Year With My Camera and Emma's Camera Club, and found that this course really helped instill the composition principles I have learned through those courses and I learned quite a few new things too! The course is very in-depth but each module is easy to follow and understand and the practical exercises really help cement that knowledge. I really enjoyed this course and since taking it my photos are definitely more considered and deliberate."

  • Kristina Boyd

    "As a somewhat non-creative person, 'Composition - Beyond the Basics' was the perfect course for me! This went far beyond my expectations. I learned so much about what makes a photo more interesting and dynamic, as well as what can be distracting in a photo. The section on storytelling, juxtaposition and intimacy was so informative. Emma’s teaching style is very clear and concise."

Pricing options

Pay in full now, or split the cost over 3 months:


Pre-course: The basics

- the 3 elements of every image (subject, background, foreground)

- the importance of having a single focal point

- using design principles for stronger images

PART 1: Nothing left to chance

Lesson 1: critical viewpoint decisions

Lesson 2: aligning elements in 2 dimensions

Lesson 3: cultivating a deliberate photography practice

PART 2: Everything must earn its place

Lesson 4: the importance of visual weight

Lesson 5: the eye's journey through the frame

Lesson 6: objective self criticism

PART 3: The most overlooked part of every image

Lesson 7: what's leaving the frame?

Lesson 8: open vs closed images

Lesson 9: directional space

PART 4: Storytelling

Lesson 10: what are you selling?

Lesson 11: juxtaposition, surprise and intimacy

Lesson 12: colour psychology

Meet your instructor

Emma Davies

Commercial and fine art flower photographer. Photography instructor. Travel Photographer of the Year 2017: finalist. International Garden Photographer of the Year 2016: shortlisted. Published in The Telegraph, Gardens Illustrated and by the BBC. Books: #1 Amazon bestselling beginner's photography workbook, A Year With My Camera, The British Flowers Book, Beginner's Landscape Photography.


  • What kit do I need?

    You can complete the course with any camera at all, including a phone camera. If you want to print the lesson summaries you will need access to a printer.

  • What level photographer do I need to be?

    This is an intermediate level course, for those who are wanting to move beyond just taking snapshots. It is not for complete beginner photographers. If you have done at least the first 2 modules of A Year With My Camera (technical, and composition), you will be ready for this course.

  • I'm not in the UK - can I take part?

    Yes. The course price will be converted to your local currency at checkout. Your card provider may charge a conversion fee.

  • Can I get a refund?

    If you sign up and realise the course is not for you, a refund will be given only if requested within the first 7 days.

  • How is feedback given?

    There is no individual feedback on this course. The private Facebook group is available for discussion between students. Emma is available in the group for questions.

1 payment of £145 now, or 3 monthly payments of £50:

  • Claire Fidler

    "I've been struggling with composition for years but this course is a game-changer! It has given me techniques, a framework and confidence to make photographs and review them. The course is packed with content and easy-to-follow checklists. I can't recommend it enough. Thank you Emma!"